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Portuguese wines are Unique into many ways, they are the perfect result and combination of Unique Terroirs, Unique People and Heritage , Unique Techniques and Unique Grape Varieties.

Although wrapped in many doubts and myths, it is thought the vineyard was cultivated by the first time in the valleys of Tejo and Sado, around 2000 years BC, by the Tartessian. Since then, Portuguese winemakers have shown a heroic determination to preserve a heritage of more than 250 native grape varieties – and most of these varieties do not exist elsewhere in the world. They are masters in unlocking the potential of a country full of diversity. Vines are planted in all types of soils, from sand to shale, and exposed to diverse microclimates, from the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the influence of Continental Europe. The result is an exciting range of wines that is as diverse as it is unique.

At VIB customers will find internationally awarded wines from some of the most vibrant Portugal wine regions!